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Stephen Colson's Pilot Page

Spadfest Info:

Spadfest link June 8-9th

As you will see I like anything that flies. Enjoy!

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Night Plane video
My nitro night plane

My 40 size U-Can Do

My Cap 232, This is my first sport plane, I have had it 8+ years

My Big Stick, Everybody needs a plane like this one

My Chinn Yak, It is my first profile plane

My DPS (Dura Plas Stick) It is the Spad version of an Ugly Stick

Spadfest Pylon race thread

My Club Racer, I built this for the Spadfest pylon race.

I flew it in 20MPH wind on its maiden flight and it flew well.

Mod Dogfighter thread

My Mod Dogfighter for Class B combat with a .25 OSFX or a 25 Mag XLS.

I like to keep two in my fleet in case of midairs.

Walmart Glider AV

Walmart Glider Thread

This is a foam glider that I put eletric gear on.

Motor (Tower Pro 2409-12) ESC (Tower Pro Mag8 25A) Batt (Turnigy 3 cell 1300)


These links are to sites outside of the MMRCA website.

Spad (Simple Plastic Airplane Deign) Links

SpadWorld.net - A good forum for building Spads (My user name is flyboy-sc).
SPADTOTHEBONE.com - A good place to get basic plans for Spads.

ProBro Links