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This page is dedicated to my latest hobby... Radio-Controlled Airplanes. I have always had an interest in aviation. My uncle flew B-17's during World War II, my father worked at an airport when he was young and among other duties helped to start airplane engines (by HAND!), and my great aunt was a very close friend of Gen. Jimmy Doolittle. At the impressionable age of 5, my first airplane ride (mid-1960's, Ozark Airlines DC-3, violent turbulence that had my parents scared to death and most passengers airsick) concluded with me having the biggest grin on my face that my parents had ever seen and profusely thanking the pilot over and over for what a great flight that was! When I was 12, I flew Control-Line gas-powered airplane models (also known as U-Control airplanes). In college, I took a couple introductory flights at the local airport's flying school and did 95% of all my ground instruction. Lack of sufficient income kept me from getting my private pilot's license back then, and family responsibilities have kept me grounded since. As an off-shoot to my computer hobby, I easily have over 10,000 hours of flight simulator time on various aircraft (starting with Apple's flight-simulator back in the mid-1970's, through about every simulator created since then).

I was ripe to get involved with R/C when my then 14-year-old son decided that was something he might like to try. Not planning to get seriously into it myself (ha ha ha), we purchased a trainer airplane setup and proceeded to both take lessons from a local instructor. Well... needless to say... I was BIT big time by the hobby! My son enjoys it, but has plenty of other things he likes doing too (recent college graduate now). For me, this is an acceptable substitute for flying full-sized airplanes. If I crash one of the R/C planes, I will be sad, but at least I will live to build and fly another.

The sections listed below are in approximate time order from when I started taking pictures of my planes, most recent at the top.


(FIRST-FLIGHT: 06/08/2008   LAST-FLIGHT: ??/??/???? (currently flying))


(FIRST-FLIGHT: 01/19/2008   LAST-FLIGHT: 06/18/2008 )

*GBY* Pacific Aeromodel's Gee Bee Y 120 ARF with an OS 160FX!

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 08/16/2004   LAST-FLIGHT: 10/04/2008 )


(FIRST-FLIGHT: 03/30/2007   LAST-FLIGHT: 06/23/2007 )

*GEAR-RATIOS* Chart of Cobri Gearbox Ratios


(FIRST-FLIGHT: 11/19/2006   LAST-FLIGHT: 02/16/2008 )


(FIRST-FLIGHT: 05/07/2006   LAST-FLIGHT: 10/08/2006 )

*E-FLITE P47* E-Flite P-47

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 04/09/2006   LAST-FLIGHT: 07/23/2006 )

*MOJO ARF* MOJO ARF from Billy Hell RC

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 03/06/2006   LAST-FLIGHT: ??/??/???? (Currently flying))

*HL-YAK55* Hobby-Lobby Yak 55 Foamy

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 12/26/2005   LAST-FLIGHT: 03/25/2006 )

*ULTIMATE-FX* E-Flite Ultimate-FX

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 11/10/2005   LAST-FLIGHT: 02/26/2006 )

*EAGLE-3D* Eagle-3D .40-size Profile

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 11/04/2005   LAST-FLIGHT: 11/26/2005 )

*QQ E-YAK-54* QuiQue E-YAK-54

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 09/14/2005   LAST-FLIGHT: 07/03/2006 )

*KATANA35-ES* Accel Katana 35 ES

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 06/24/2005   LAST-FLIGHT: 10/18/2008 )

*MINI-FUNTANA* E-Flite Mini Funtana 3D

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 02/12/2005   LAST-FLIGHT: 06/19/2005 )

*Yak55SP-E* Extreme Flight R/C Yak 55SP-E

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 11/20/2004   LAST-FLIGHT: 07/07/2006 )

*SU-29* FancyFoam Sukhoi SU-29

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 10/03/2004   LAST-FLIGHT: 06/26/2005 )

*MIG-15* Alfa Mig-15 EDF

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 08/22/2004   LAST-FLIGHT: 09/10/2004 )

*RAZOR* Lanier Razor 3D

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 06/23/2004   LAST-FLIGHT: 12/02/2004 )

*CORSAIR* Alfa Corsair

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 05/03/2004   LAST-FLIGHT: 10/08/2005 )

*EDGE* Lanier 30% Edge 540T

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 08/24/2003   LAST-FLIGHT: 06/26/2004 )

*GBY* Pacific Aeromodel's Gee Bee Y 120 ARF

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 08/16/2002   LAST-FLIGHT: 10/04/2008 )

*P-47d* Top Flite 1/8th-scale P-47 Thunderbolt

(FIRST-FLIGHT: 05/05/2002   LAST-FLIGHT: July-2002 )

*2nd Diamond Dust* 2nd Diamond Dust - construction photos

(FIRST-FLIGHT: June 2001   LAST-FLIGHT: mid-2004, but mostly ready to fly)

*1st Diamond Dust* Diamond Dust

(FIRST-FLIGHT: March 2001   LAST-FLIGHT: May-2001 (crashed/destroyed)

*Contender* Top Flite Contender

(FIRST-FLIGHT: March 2001   LAST-FLIGHT: mid-2002 (Ready-to-Fly)

*MMRCA* Check out the Photo Gallery section for pictures I have taken of other club activites

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