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640 - Hanger9 J-3 Cub

640 - Extra 300

1024 / 640 - Tiger 60

640 - NexStar Trainer

640 - My Son getting started early

640 - My Instructor Dan

How it all started

My first flight was on June 8th 2005 with the NexStar Trainer. Since then I have aquired and flown several different planes and have loved every minute of it. My Instructor Dan is posted above with a Twist40 which I enjoyed watching so much that I got one for myself. I set mine up with the new OS 55 engine and man it's a blast. I just moved up to the the Great Planes Extra300 with an OS 1.60. Little bigger and a lot faster, goes were you point it with almost unlimited vertical. I just finished a SIG LT-40 that I installed a ThunderTiger 46 on. I plan to use it to help introduce others to this great sport.

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