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These are pictures and movies of Mark Custard's R/C Airplanes and will get updated from time to time.

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2272 / 1024 / 640 - Kat40 and self-designed profiles.

2272 / 1024 / 640 - Accel Katana 40 ARF in flight.

2272 / 1024 / 640 -

2272 / 1024 / 640 -

2272 / 1024 / 640 -

2272 / 1024 / 640 -


(These movies were produced using ArcSoft's Video Impressions 2 and shot with a Minolta Dimage Z-3 digital camera. The 384Kbps size may run better on slower computers, and are quite a bit smaller than the 768Kbs versions without loosing much quality. If you have a fast computer and connection, get the 768Kbps version... otherwise try 384Kbps. If you have trouble viewing these by directly clicking on the link, try right-clicking on the link, choose save to disk, and play the video ouside the browser.)

Mark flying his Accel Katana 40 GS.
320x240 - 5:10 minutes (384Kbps - 13MB) (768Kbps 27MB)

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