Mid-Missouri Radio Control Association (MMRCA) - "Flying Tigers"
AMA Charter # 812 -
2810 S. Coats Lane
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Newsletter "Fly Paper"

Our club has periodically published the Monthly Newsletter Fly Paper since 1972 and it is sent to all current members of the club.

Currently the club is in need of a Newsletter Editor. If you would like to fill this position please let our club President know.

Fly Paper from the Archives

September 1972 (394kb) - Ed Cox Editor
January 1973 (985kb) - Don Dulle Editor
May 1973 (1,980kb) - Don Dulle Editor
April 1976 (534kb) - Joe Thorpe Editor
March 1980 (693kb) - Bud Haar Editor
July 1984 (173kb) - Joe Mertzlufft Editor
July 1988 (103kb) - Kevin Gilmore Editor
April 1990 (568kb) - Steven Winter Editor
May 1990 (2,645kb) - Steven Winter Editor
June 1992(125kb) - Les Moore Editor

Example of the current Newsletter

Newsletter screenshot

Last modified on 03/16/16